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Expand and densify your network with tower solutions from the market leader.

ATC India has a large portfolio of tower sites in the country, including sites in all the states and territories and a national site development team, who can quickly, and cost effectively build sites in all geographies & terrains. Built to suit, our towers have more capacity, reducing the need for structural modifications, and our proven processes speed up the network deployment.

Find the Right Towers in Prime Locations

Meet your most challenging network expansion requirements with our extensive tower portfolio covering the entire country.

Simplify the Telecom Equipment Installation Process

Streamline every aspect of Telecom Equipment Installation with highly efficient processes that have been proven on thousands of successful projects. Our teams are readily available to support you through every step of the way.

Accelerate Deployments

Get new sites up and running faster with fewer hassles. Our highly experienced teams helps accelerate new deployments across geographies & aid our customer network expansion projects.

Our project management and technical experts are ready to help eliminate toughest challenges at every stage of site development:

  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Planning
  • Site Design and Permitting
  • Construction management
  • Ongoing maintenance

Ground Based Towers

Ground Based Towers

Our portfolio consists of more than 47,000, Multi-Tenant capacity Ground Based Tower sites, spread across the country, in rural, semi-urban and urban areas. We build towers across geographies, in most difficult of the terrains & environmental extremes to provide cost effective communication infrastructure. Our highly optimized tower designs cater to various wind-speeds so as to optimize the overall site cost.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Choose the optimal locations from one of the largest and tallest ground based tower portfolio in the industry:

  • Approximately 47,000+ ground based tower sites across the country
  • Tower locations offering the best market coverage

Low Cost Towers

In our continuous efforts towards increasing deployment site cost optimization, several, innovative, low-cost multi-tenant solutions have been designed, which require low ground foot print area, are easy to deploy and often used where land acquisition poses a challenge, mostly in urban and semi-urban area. Our low cost solutions have been successfully deployed in large numbers, all across the country.

Low Cost Towers



Deployment of ground based tower sites in urban city areas becomes a major challenge due to non-availability of large spaces of land. Monopoles, with their low ground footprint, offer an apt ground based solution for deployments in such areas. ATC India has a variety of aesthetically appealing, multipurpose monopole designs to suit city areas. We have installed monopoles in public places like children’s parks, rotary islands and many more locations where they blend with the site aesthetics, enabling our customers to provide seamless coverage in city areas.

Cell on Wheels

With a fleet of 300+ Cell on Wheels (CoWs), we provide rapid deployment solutions for expanding the wireless network coverage at special events like exhibitions, large conventions, sporting events or in disaster affected areas where normal coverage capacity is either exhausted or has been disrupted. CoWs have also been successfully deployed for setting up sites at sensitive locations where construction of a permanent site is not allowed.

Cell on Wheels

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At ATC India, we take customer service seriously. Our customers are encouraged to share their feedback, and we take action, with the goal of continually making it easier to work with us. We are committed to providing ongoing support to every customer, every step of the way.