ATC INDIA provides the wireless infrastructure needed to enable a connected world—indoors, outdoors, and in urban and rural settings.


The Best Locations for Network Coverage, Capacity

Get fast and easy access to the locations needed to scale and enhance network coverage and capacity. ATC India owns and operates:

  • Over 75,000 tower sites throughout the country
  • Our broad portfolio includes self-supporting towers of heights varying up to 80 meters, monopoles, rooftops and Cell on Wheel solutions

Our diverse array of towers, with locations and heights to fit your coverage needs are available throughout India. We continuously build and acquire new towers in an effort to broaden our coverage across the country.

We have a very cost-effective business model, with multiple tenant leasing, which is a winning solution for all our business partners.

Let Us Help

At ATC India, we take customer service seriously. Our customers are encouraged to share their feedback, and we take action, with the goal of continually making it easier to work with us. We are committed to providing ongoing support to every customer, every step of the way.