Find New Revenue on Your Property

Lease your property to ATC India to turn your empty space into a long-term revenue stream.

Interested Property Owners

The locations where ATC India builds or develops new tower sites are determined by the needs and requirements of its customers. At ATC India, locations to develop new sites are evaluated by researching all available proposals and the respective property owners are contacted to discuss the appropriateness and availability of their property.

In densely populated areas, it is often difficult to construct new wireless towers. In these locations, rooftop sites, Small Cell and in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks are the best option for increasing wireless network coverage and capacity.

If you are interested in leasing your property or developing an ATC India rooftop or DAS site in your building, you may submit the following property details for review at

  • Owners Name and Address with Pincode
  • Type of Property (Building for Rooftop Tower/ Plot)
  • Type of ownership (Individual/ Joint/Society/ Govt. Owned)
  • Category of Property (Commercial/Residential)
  • Latitude and Longitude details

ATC India shall retain your property information in its database for future consideration. We will contact you directly if interested in utilizing your property to develop a tower site.

Simplify the Leasing Process

We’ve been helping property owners, Mobile Network Operators, Broadband Network Providers and Internet Service Providers to make better connections for years.

We are committed to expanding the portfolio of towers and other communication sites to offer our customers the highest number of options and locations for the optimization of their wireless networks.

ATC India works with commercial property owners to market their properties to its customers and to manage the co-location process for getting customers on air at the properties it manages. Once ATC India customers are on air on your property, you begin to generate income subject to requisite compliance and documentation.

ATC India discourages the leasing or buying of properties on its behalf through any third party nor does it charge any fee or deposit from interested property/building owners. If any third party, approaches with such demands misrepresenting as ATC India’s representatives, please contact us and report immediately to avoid getting de-frauded or cheated. Please email at


ATC does not charge any type of fee/ commission for installation of tower. Please beware of fraudulent schemes demanding payment for installation of tower.

Let Us Help

For any kind of assistance, contact our landlord helpdesk at Toll free no 1800 103 5975  between 10:00 hrs-18:00 hrs ( Monday- Friday) or