Green Power

Scarcity of stable and adequate grid power in India affects network uptime, leads to increased fuel consumption and adversely affects the environment

ATC India has initiated use of green and renewable energy sources to power telecom towers as an alternate to diesel generators.

ATC India is setting up a captive hybrid solar system at sites, where diesel generators run for longer durations. A solar solution not only reduces diesel consumption and associated maintenance costs, but also helps lower the carbon footprint. The project is ongoing with initial focus on off grid towers having higher diesel usage.

ATC India’s Green Solution allows carriers to meet regulatory requirements without losing focus on their business.

To date, more than 450 sites in the Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal have been installed with solar panels averaging 4.4 KWp. The current total installed capacity on solar has surpassed 2MWp (Mega Watt Panel capacity) which contributes, on an average, 2,500 MWH (Mega Watt Hour) over a year with considerable reduction in the carbon footprint.

Going forward, we will enlarge the solar energy programme with the support of carriers to meet the regulatory requirements and minimize our consumption of diesel and carbon footprint.

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